Diabetes Type 2 Menu - Eat The Right Foods To Help Manage The Disease

Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common each and every year in many Western countries. There are several factors which contribute to the aggravation of the disease, including insufficient exercise and lack of proper diet. In some cases, genetics also has to be blamed. What many people tend to miss is the reality that their condition can be mitigated by adhering to the correct diabetes Type 2 menu.

Type 2 Diabetes - The Basics

A particular study showed that nearly 20 million inhabitants of the US are suffering from diabetes. Around 95% of these have Type 2 diabetes. What is alarming is the fact that compared to the diabetic patients recorded in 1988 there has been a fluctuation in the average age of people who are found to be suffering from diabetes. The age bracket dropped to 46 years old from the previous age of 52 years.

\"grilled Chicken\"

Another unwelcome fact is that the disease is no longer limited to aged people alone, because now even teenagers and other youngsters have a huge propensity to acquire the disease. As a matter of fact its scope has been widened, for every gender has the equal probability to obtain the disease.

So how does diabetes actually occur? The reason is said to be a dysfunction that affects the patient's pancreas. This problem impedes the production of the insulin needed by the body. In some cases, the cells in one's body have developed resistance to insulin. Insulin is the substance responsible for the conversion of the sugars that we intake into glucose, which is the main supply of cellular energy into our cells.

What's difficult about this condition is that it often doesn't manifest perceptible symptoms; the most frequent symptoms are the intensified thirst of the patient, upsurge in urination, exhaustion, appetite increase, indistinct vision, sluggish healing of the patient's wounds and among men, possible erectile dysfunction.

If you are already experiencing some of these symptoms then the best thing for you to do is to consult your doctor so that you would be able to get the most accurate advice on how to treat your case. One of your priorities if the physician diagnoses diabetes should be the management of these symptoms and the alleviation of your condition by means of the proper and medically accepted methods.

Diabetes Type 2 Treatment

A very important step is to lose some weight. Most doctors affirm that losing weight eventually leads to the manageability of the patient's blood sugar, therefore decreasing the need to take medication in the future. The two main methods for doing this are by undergoing regular exercise and by following a proper diet.

Engage in cardiovascular exercises and some weight training workout in order to trim down your high blood sugar. Be reminded that you should also lessen calorie intake, for these if not burned would only be converted to body fat.

Eat The Right Kind of Food

Protein is one of the most significant nutrients that a diabetic should consume more of, for it helps in building the person's bones and muscles which in turn generate energy. Among the healthiest food are the lean ones such as skinless turkey and low-fat milk. There are also vegetables that are rich in protein, some of which are nuts, soy foods and legumes.

In general, you would have to accustom yourself to eat more vegetables and fruits instead of the unhealthy foods usually found in the supermarket. For you to be able to closely monitor what you are eating, it is best to create a menu which includes meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Among the items that can be included in the diabetes Type 2 menu are Spanish omelet, potato salads and other green salads, pueblo squash stew, lime-marinated shrimp, grilled chicken sandwich together with yogurt and the grilled Pacific swordfish. These meals should be included in your plan because they have less fat, in addition to the fact that they are mouth-watering.

Diabetes Type 2 Menu - Eat The Right Foods To Help Manage The Disease

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