A Technique to Get the Most Out of Fat Burning Diets

I don't believe that there is a clear cut ideal fat burning diet that works
for everyone. I do believe that there are several fat burning diets that are
very effective. What if there was a way to get a head start and drop 15-20
pounds quickly before choosing any of the fat burning diets on the market?

Your Body is Capable of Losing 15-20 Pounds Over a Two
Week Period


Crash dieting when done over a short period of time is very effective. It
isn't something that is recommended over the long term, but it the fastest way
to burn fat over the short term. You can eat very low calories for 14 days or so
before your body adapts and your metabolism slows down. Again...this is just
something that must be done no longer than 14 days.

Crash Dieting is Even More Effective than Cardio Exercise at
Burning Fat

This was a hard one for me to swallow, since I'm an exercise junkie. Let me
explain how this works. If you body burns 2,000 calories a day and you only
ingest 600 calories, you just created a 1,400 calorie deficit. You would have to
jog on a treadmill for 2 1/2 hours to burn the same amount of calories. It is
simply easier to create a large calorie deficit from your diet than it is from
exercise. Note...I am just talking about the short term here, in the long term
cardio is very effective at burning body fat.

A Radical and Simple Crash Diet to Follow Before Your Fat Burning

1) You only allow yourself to ingest 600-800 calories each day for two

2) Make sure and take multivitamins during this time

3) Avoid fat and sugars

4) Eat about 100-150 Grams of Protein

5) Drink as much Green Tea and Coffee as you want

6) Drink plenty of water

Burn More Fat in Two Weeks Than Most People Do All

I normally do this every year, right around the middle of May. I keep
myself around 8% body fat most of the year, but this allows me to get
super-ripped for summer. I usually eat nothing but a skinless chicken breast in
the morning and one more for lunch. When I get hungry throughout the day, I'll
consume a large amount of Green Tea. For dinner I will chop up a bit of cabbage
and chicken and mix with chicken broth to make a soup (chicken
broth is very low calorie and tastes great). I also add cilantro,
jalapenos, onions, and celery to this soup. This is all I eat for two weeks.
It isn't fancy, but I'm telling you...your body will visually get leaner each
and every day
. It is very rewarding to see such fast results!

This Will Work for Any Of the Fat Burning Diets on the

A Technique to Get the Most Out of Fat Burning Diets

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