5 Tips To Building A Poultry Coop

You are reading this article because you want to build a poultry coop. Though by far the most popular type of poultry to raise is the chicken for obvious reasons they are a constant supply of high protein eggs. However whether building a chicken coop or a coop for another type of bird the following tips are essential.

Tip #1 Protection.

\"Chicken Wire Fence\"

Though a chicken coop also feeds chickens and is designed to make them feel safe and there for lay more eggs the most basic reason why we create chicken coops is to protect our flocks. To protect against predators you need to get a strong chicken wire fence that goes a foot into the ground you also want good materials and make sure that your chickens are in their coop at night.

5 Tips To Building A Poultry Coop

But to protect against the elements (as well as predators) make sure that your windows have good screening. Also make sure that they all can be opened and closed as needed for ventilation and protection. You should build the coop on higher ground so that it dries faster after a rain.

Tip 2# General.

These are just some quick general tips that will make your chicken coop a lot better. You should install doors that open inwards not outwards. Also make all your windows slide to the side otherwise your chickens might open them and roost. Also you should make the floor slanted slightly towards the door so its easier to clean the inside of the coop.

Tip #3 Ventilation.

Ventilation is very important in a coop. It helps lower the build up of moisture as chickens should live in nice dry climates. It also helps reduce ammonia buildup which will poison your chickens without proper air flow. Plus if your coop really doesn't have any ventilation then your chickens could die without enough oxygen (though this is very unlikely). But of course you still want to protect the inside of your coop from the elements. To do this you can probably just keep the windows open most of the time. Also having insulation installed in your walls is a must. As dampness that might creep into the walls could be very bad for your chickens health.

Tip #4 Water and Food.

You should always install feeders and waterers where the entire flock will have an easy time reaching. However because chickens have such a strong urge to scratch and peck if you put the feeder to low then your chickens will spread their food all over the coop and that means more cleaning! Because of this it is best to install the feeder just a little higher then you would naturally so that they have to stretch their necks to eat. Same thing with water (you don't want chickens stepping in their water).

Tip #5 Lighting.

To make sure that your chickens are warm during the winter months I always install a heater lamp somewhere in the coop and just turn it on during winter. Also a great tip for extra light is to place the windows facing south. As this will give the chickens warmth and light throughout the day.

Lighting is more important then most people realize. However a chicken will only lay their eggs if they have a good dosage of light. Indeed their entire day is dictated by light. When the sun first rises they get up and go out to eat and lay their eggs. Then after they lay their eggs they just walk around and eat. Then at night they go right back to the roost.

5 Tips To Building A Poultry Coop

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