Making a Safer Homemade Chicken Coop

Raising chicken entails the responsibility of providing them a safer home chicken coop to live in. This should provide them with better shelter suitable for laying eggs and allowing them to live happily and safely free from predators. 

You need to make a plan on how to provide a safer home to your chicken. You must ensure to build a chicken coop that will protect your chicken from becoming a prey to various predators such as bears, skunks, rodents, raccoons, and dogs. Providing a secure and safe shelter for the chicken will ensure  you have them for a longer time. You must always consider the threat of predators lurking around thus providing a safer home to the chicken must be a priority.

\"Chicken Wire Fence\"

The type of chicken coop to build and its safety features will involve consideration on the type of the possible predators within your area. Potential predators may be the type that can dig underneath the fence in order to reach the home of your chicken. Common are large dogs, rodents, foxes, and coyotes.  

Making a Safer Homemade Chicken Coop

Building a fence around  your chicken coop is the best solution to provide your chicken a safe home. Always consider the type of predator you anticipate to strike. With bigger predators, you will need to construct a fence of sturdy material that will be hard for them to penetrate. 

For a fence made of bird netting or chicken wire, it is important to embed the materials about 8 inches to 12 inches beneath the ground just around the perimeter you want to protect. This will provide protection for the chicken against predators that may likely dig in order to get to their prey. This is most significant to keep rodents away that have the tendency to burrow through the grounds once attracted with the droppings and chicken feed. 

You can add a strand of barbed wire or an electric wire around the perimeter you want to protect just a few inches above the ground from the outside of the fence when you are using a woven wire farm fencing. This is an effective deterrent to the possible predators of your chicken. 

Take note of buying the standard chicken wire that can have holes just enough in size to keep your chicken in but can be quite big to allow raccoons to reach through it. Always choose the right wire mesh for your chicken coop. Recommended size will be one half inch square.

Chickens are happy to live in a comfortable home chicken coop where there is enough ventilation and warm enough to protect them from cold weather. Frequent cleaning of the chicken coop is another way of providing the chicken a safer and bacteria free home chicken coop.

Daily cleaning of the coop is highly recommended to discourage bugs and bacteria to linger that can possibly bring ailments to the chicken. Keeping a dropping tray under the coop is helpful for easy disposal and cleaning of chicken droppings.

Always ensure to provide a safe home chicken coop to your chicken to keep them protected, safe, healthy, and happy.

Making a Safer Homemade Chicken Coop

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