How to Smoke Chicken Using An Electric Smoker - Enjoy Perfectly Smoked BBQ Chicken Every Time

Chicken has constantly been a favorite dish combined with your salad and smoked chicken may offer the salad an excellent touch, combined with perfect taste. Learning how to smoke chicken is not hard to do if you have an electric smoker or perhaps a griller and wood chips.

However, smoking the chicken is an excellent option to grilling and roasting. An electric smoker makes it possible to maintain the proper cooking temperature. Having a couple of simple preparation methods, you will be able to create a juicy chicken that your guests to enjoy and would come back for more.


Make sure to purchase a chicken labeled all-natural or organic at your local grocery or meat shop. These products contain low water content. The preparation of the chicken sizes will depend on the occasion if you want to buy a whole chicken, buy quarters or thighs only. Buy a bird with skin, as it will aid in sustaining the moisture within the poultry and aid in producing an excellent outer crust.

How to Smoke Chicken Using An Electric Smoker - Enjoy Perfectly Smoked BBQ Chicken Every Time

Brine the chicken through soaking it in sugar, salt as well as water for approximately four hours. For each gallon of water, utilize 1 cup of salt and sugar. If perhaps, you wish to include more flavors, try wine, juice or some other spices. After brining the chicken for almost four hours, remove it and using paper towel, pat dry the chicken.

Season the chicken kindly using any dry rubbing you want. It may be as easy as salt combined with pepper. This mixture is composing of ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup of paprika, ¼ cup of pepper and ¼ cup of brown sugar. Keep in mind; administer the mixture outside and inside of the chicken cavity, in case you will be cooking a whole chicken.

Ready the smoke in accordance to the guidelines of the maker on how to smoke a chicken. Make sure to set all the necessary materials you need prior to starting to smoke a chicken and place it onto the smoker properly. In case, you will be using a whole chicken, position the breast side down, right after an hour and half turn the breast side up to avoid drying out the meat of the chicken breast. If perhaps, you will be using quarters or maybe chicken thighs, position the meat in single layer to prevent the pieces from touching. This will enable the smoke to penetrate all of the side of the chicken meat perfectly.

Check out the chicken using the meat thermometer prior to removing it from the smoker. The chicken should reach the internal temperature of about 170 degrees. As for the whole chickens, this must take approximately four hours, for the chicken quarter is about three hours and an hour and half for chicken thighs.

How to Smoke Chicken Using An Electric Smoker - Enjoy Perfectly Smoked BBQ Chicken Every Time

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