Chicken Tractor Plans - 9 Tips For Building a Chicken Tractor

Chicken tractors are easy to build yourself but you will need good chicken tractor plans to make sure it is built solidly and has all the features necessary so that your chickens are happy and comfortable. A chicken tractor is a type of coop that protects your chickens from the weather and predators but is has no floor and it can be moved around the yard.

Chicken tractors are lightweight and portable - some folks even put wheels on one end to make it easier to move. The portability and small size makes them the ideal solution for those just getting started raising chickens. Chicken tractors can also be cheap to build if you find the right plans.


In order to build a proper chicken tractor, you should consider these nine tips:

  • Make the chicken tractor predator-proof by choosing the correct size of wire mesh. It should be 15 mm square at the largest.
  • The area that the tractor is kept should be surrounded by a fence with wire mesh. The base should be buried at least 30 centimeters below ground to keep animals like rats and foxes from digging underneath it.
  • The chicken tractor should be well-ventilated but the chickens should not be directly in the wind.
  • Make sure to include roosting poles because this is where chickens sleep.
  • Put one nesting box per four or five chickens in a dark corner and a little off the floor.
  • You will need at least four square feet per chicken.
  • To easily clean up droppings, put a plastic tray under the roosting pole.
  • Make the entire tractor easy to clean.
  • Place the feed and waterer inside the tractor.

Chicken Tractor Plans - 9 Tips For Building a Chicken Tractor

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After a lot of research, I found easy to follow chicken tractor plans and built my first chicken tractor. We now have four chickens who are taking care of the yard by eating bugs and weeds. We also get fresh eggs everyday which taste so much better than store bought eggs. Visit my site to see the chicken tractor plans I used and how easy and cheap the tractor was to build.

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