Chicken Tractor Plans - Make an Easy to Build Portable Chicken Coop

When it comes to building a chicken coop for your backyard chickens, you may find that chicken tractor plans are the easiest to follow.

What is a chicken tractor?


It is simply a portable chicken coop that has no floor. The chickens are able to scratch in the dirt and lay in the grass. They can get plenty of exercise and dig for bugs to eat. Chickens that can't run free for some reason or another will usually be happier and healthier if they can spend time in a tractor since they will be able to move about the yard and always have fresh scratching areas.

Chicken tractor plans are fairly simple.

This type of chicken coop is usually built in a simple A-frame style. Using less lumber means the coop will be light enough to drag around the yard. If you want to build a big portable coop then you can add wheels to it to help you move it. The sides of the tractor are covered in wire mesh to keep the chickens in and dogs or other predators out.

You can choose plans for building a simple small chicken coop to keep a hen and her chicks in until the chicks get big enough to avoid predation. You will also find more elaborate chicken tractor plans that can house several hens and include nesting boxes.

A plan for building a simple chicken tractor would be to build an A-frame of the desired size and cover the sides with chicken wire. You want to use the smallest diameter wire you can afford. The larger the holes in the mesh, the cheaper the wire. Remember that the purpose is to protect your chickens from predators so while your chickens might not be able to get out of a large hole, a predator might be able to squeeze in. Be sure to attach a water system to the side of the tractor or simply put in a water pan so your chicks will have access to water whenever they want it.

Chicken Tractor Plans - Make an Easy to Build Portable Chicken Coop

Chicken tractor plans should be easy to follow, illustrated, and include supplies list with recommendations on caring for your newly built chicken coop and its dwellers. Here is more information and pictures of chicken tractor and building plans for other types of chicken coops.