10 Kinds of Food to Avoid to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

To get a flat stomach fast, you need to get your diet in order, eat right and lower your body fat.

If you don't - no matter how hard you try , you will not get a flat stomach. The first thing you need to do is find one or more weight loss partners sharing the same priorities.

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Having a social support network is a great way to sharing fat loss tips and staying positive. And research have shown that you are more likely to succeed if a weight loss partner significantly loses weight.

In other words find one now and start cracking. Secondly, eat foods that help you get a flat stomach fast. Eating is a powerful drive so don't starve yourself. Try eating more lean protein, healthy fats and less processed carbohydrates. But stay away from foods that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Trans Fat.

These kinds of foods are high in calories, high in fat and can leave you wanting for more! As you can see food has the power to either save your body or destroy it, and by carefully choosing what you eat, you determine the future of your body type. Here are 10 kinds of foods to 'ditch and replace' to get a flat stomach fast -

  1. Pancake syrup replace with Real maple syrup
  2. Frozen yogurt replace with fat free or low fat ice cream
  3. Ketchup replace with mustard
  4. Canned soup replace with organic, all natural or sugar free soups (read the label)
  5. Regular soft drinks replace with unsweetened sparkling water (better yet - drink water and green tea)
  6. Chips and crackers replace with pretzels, raisins, walnuts, celery, bakes chips, salsa and natural yellow corn chips
  7. Fried fast food like fried chicken, fried fish and fires replace with broiled meat and poultry
  8. Donuts, cream filled cookies, pound cake, muffins, taco shells replace with angel food or sponge cake, multi-grain and whole wheat bread, flour tortillas
  9. Frozen foods like pies, pot pies, pizza, waffles, bread fish sticks replace with frozen stir fry chicken, beef or shrimp, grilled salmon
  10. Pasta sauce replace with Sugar free pasta sauce
There you have it, 10 kinds of food you should kick out of you life now. These foods are high in fat and just bad for your health.

10 Kinds of Food to Avoid to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

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