My Favorite Pizza

Favorite Food - Pizza

Pizza is defined as an oval shaped flat disc-shaped bread that is covered in tomato sauce, cheese, and slices of pork, fish, beef, or even purely vegetables. In ancient times, pizza was a simple bread covered with oils, herbs, and cheese. It was then in later times that the bread was covered with flour, cheese, and some flavored herbs. In modern times, pizza that had tomato sauce on top came from Italy and it was in 1889 that cheese was added as a topping. During that time, more and more toppings were added other than cheese.

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One of the reasons why I love pizza is its versatility as a food. You can add or take something away from it to suit what you like. For example, if you like to have a fresh garden pizza, you can add a few vegetables in to the mix along with cheese, tomato sauce, and some herbs. Others who are meat lovers can flood their pizza with different kinds of meat. Some have preferences like tuna over pork while others stick to the original tomato sauce and cheese only with a dash of herbs and spices. There are also different crusts in pizzas. You can make your crust as thin as you want or if you have an appetite as gigantic as an elephant, you can make a thick crust pizza.

It is the versatility of pizza that separates it from other cuisines and dishes. Chinese food only has the same type of recipe over and over. The Indian cuisine puts a lot of spice into their dishes. Whereas in pizza, you can make your dish as spicy as you want or you can make it sweet and sour. It is the individuality of the dish that makes the pizza my favorite food of them all.

My Favorite Pizza