Themed Weddings - A Pirate's Bride

Ahoy matey! When you were growing up did you enjoy watching old pirate movies like Captain Blood or the Black Swan that showcased a swashbuckling Tyrone Power? I know I did and still do to this day, that's why I decided to come up with some great wedding tips for a pirate themed wedding.

A pirate's wedding can be loads of fun and can incorporate some unique ideas straight out of your imagination. The first thing is to decide where you would like your pirate wedding to be held. A sandy beach, or an elegant home transformed to resemble a pirate's hideout? Perhaps you might be interested in contacting a Hollywood producer about using an old pirate ship from a movie set. You make the decision after all this day is one you have dreamed of all your life. Lights! Camera! Action!

\"roast Chicken\"

After you have decided on a unique spot for your wedding it's time to bring all the little details that make up a wedding to life. Let's start with some obvious ones like wedding attire.

Since you have decided to become a pirate's bride it's now up to you to dress the part. You might first look at gowns from the pirate's era as a starting point. Well heeled brides wore elaborate gowns that often included a corset or lacing and were patterned from silk or damask with puffy sleeves edged with lace on both cuffs and bodice. You might go back and take a look at the stunning gown Princess Diana wore at her wedding to get a good idea of this particular style. Also the color is entirely up to you. Dress your bridesmaids in a plainer version and add the corset for effect.

Dressing the groom can be alot of fun using the pirate theme. Pirates dressed in bold colors like crimson red or royal purple breeches and muslin shirts enhanced by puffy sleeves and cuffed with dripping lace. Next go for a black belt embellished with a huge gold buckle and knee high black boots for effect. Follow this flamboyant style with a black, tricorn hat adorned with an electrifying red or purple feather and have the groom wear a gold hoop earring and gold necklaces. Last but not least, you might add a black eye patch for a dazzling finish. Have your groomsmen dress as lesser pirates in more somber attire, after all, the groom is the star.

If you really want pirate style, send out invitations made up to look like ransom notes or treasure maps inviting your guests to appear at your wedding. You might also request them to dress in old world attire if they choose.

Now that we've dressed you and your groom and sent out invitations, it's time to dress up your wedding feast. Drape your tables in scarlet cloth and give your guests wine bottle stoppers or letter openers boxed in miniature treasure chests. Finally, let the feast began! Offer your guests pewter plates and cups and let them choose from an assortment of foods that include lobsters, coconut shrimp, fresh salads, tropical fruit, roast chicken and baked bread washed down with an assortment of champagnes, liquers, whiskey and sodas.

After the feast,you might wish to start your honeymoon in the captain's cabin complete with port hole so you can look out at the stars.

I hope I have given you some great ideas to make your pirate themed wedding truly the wedding of your dreams!

Themed Weddings - A Pirate's Bride

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