Chicken Care - How to Take Care of Chickens

Caring for chickens is important in order to have happy, healthy chickens. Here's some quick tips on how to take care of chickens.

* First, you should keep food and water well supplied. Feeds and water supplies should be constantly monitored and cleaned. It is very easy for the chickens to get sick from contaminated water, so be careful about that.


* Second, keep the chickens warm and dry. The chicken coop should be well insulated, but there should be enough air flow that it doesn't make the coop stuffy. Chickens need to breath too! The coop should be protected from the elements too.

* Third, make sure the coop is cleaned regularly. The coop should be sprayed down frequently, but thoroughly cleaned (with bleach and stronger cleaning agents) once every few months.

* Fourth, the chicken coop should be secured from predators. Make sure to close and secure the doors of the coop at night.

* Fifth, the hay for the chickens nest should be changed monthly. This will help to ensure the chickens stay clean.

There are a lot more ways to take care of chickens, but I just wanted to present you with a few tips. Chicken care is important to ensuring your chickens are healthy. One sick chicken can easily cause sickness in the other chickens. Some disease may even affect humans. All in all, though, chicken care is like any other pet care in that it comes with the territory is a part of the commitment that is made in taking care of any pet.

Chicken Care - How to Take Care of Chickens

Although chicken care may seem like a daunting task, it really isn't, especially when you have a complete guide to chicken care. The more information you have on chicken care, the better off you will be in having happy, healthy chickens.

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