Different Types of Chicken Breeds

When picking a chicken you will want to look at their individual breeds. This is necessary as some of them live great together and others have a attitude that requires them to with their own kind. Even though there are over sixty chicken breeds to choose from, there are a few that are more popular than all the others.

Here are some of the breeds that may be of some interest-


Barnevelder- During the early part of the twentieth century this chicken was the main egg laying bird. These breeds average around two hundred brown eggs annually.

Rhode Island Reds- This chicken breed is the hero of most of the barnyards. They can amazingly lay around three hundred eggs annually! and so are lauded for this capability to yield one of the greatest number of eggs. These birds are also excellent pets.

Light Sussex- These chickens have a unique feature since they are the ones that are normally found at chicken state fairs and beauty pageants! In their egg producing capabilities, they are almost identical to the Rhode Island Reds. This chicken breed is also among the top level egg layers and they lay around two hundred and fifty eggs annually

Buff Orpington- This is one of the chicken breeds that is famous for their fluffy feathers and extreme cuteness. They are a larger or 'heavy' breed and have a calm and friendly nature. But they can be moody and are not the best for producing eggs. Their looks compensate for their low egg production and that is the only reason people love keeping the Buff Orpington around. They are bright golden in color and this really accentuates in the sunlight.

Different Types of Chicken Breeds

This article covered some of the main chicken breeds, I will try to cover more different breeds and give you a brief description of some of the other major birds too in my next article. The author is well versed about chicken breeds, feel free to check out his other articles regarding the same topic.