Hungarian Recipes

Hungarian cuisine is known for its use of paprika (which was originally brought to the country by the Ottoman Turks when they invaded the country in 1526), eggs, and sour cream.

Some popular Hungarian dishes include:

\"chicken Soup\"

* Fish Soup - A soup prepared using finally chopped onions, paprikam, and mixed river fish (such as carp, catfish, perch, or pike). Black pepper, tomatoes or tomato juice, and white wine are used in some variations of dished

* Fozelék - A mashed vegetable dish made from, cabbage, lentils, peas, potatoes, spinach, squash, or tomatoes. The dish is eaten as a main course, and may be topped with a hard-boiled egg, meatballs or pörkölt.

* Gulyás (also known as "Gulyásleves") - A beef and vegetable soup. Meat (usually shank, shin or shoulder) is cut into chunks, seasoned, paprika added, and then browned in a pot with oil. Sliced onions, peppers, garlic, herbs, and sometimes finally chopped potatoes are added. The soup achieves a thick texture because of the gelatin from the bones in the meat, as well as the starch for any potatoes used.

* Pan-fried Goose Liver

* Pörkölt - A meat stew with meat, onion and paprika. Bell peppers, caraway seeds and tomatoes are used in some variation of the recipe, although some chefs prefer to avoid these items. Typically beef, lamb, pork or chicken is used as the meat, but offal such tripe or liver can be used, and some people have even been known to prepare the dish using seafood.

Hungarian Recipes

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