Kerala Breakfast is Always Exciting - A Must When You Visit Kerala

A Kerala breakfast is considered to be the best breakfast in the world. There is very less oil used - that would be one reason for which it is considered to be one like that. Originally a Kerala meal is served on "vazha illa" (banana leaf)..But now a days you see it only for sadhya and for other specific occasions, you may not see it in a Kerala household now. But you can find it in some restaurants. It is basically a "use and throw" system.

Kerala, a small state in the southern tip of the Indian sub continent has very unique peculiarities when it comes to tourism, attire, food, people. The state is diverse in its resources. Kerala is a beautiful state with many natural resources, and scenic beauty. The state is considered to be among the 50 greatest destinations in the world which was rated by National Geographic. Many people visit Kerala in a year. So there is always a chance to experience the Kerala breakfast.

\"chicken Curry\"

The breakfast specialties are "Puttu"(steamed rice cake) and kadala "curry" (variety of gram), Appam and "mutta" curry - egg curry, Iddiappam, chicken curry and so on. Also you could find other south Indian delicacies like idly, dosa and so on. These are some basic examples, none of these dishes contain too much of oil or other fat. But then too malayalee at times have puttu with ghee or papad. There is a variety called the cherata puttu, here the rice powder and grated coconut mixture is filled into a half coconut nut shell. And when it is cooked it is put upside down onto the plate. It looks like a hemisphere, and it looks very different and it is garnished with kadala curry. Most of the malayalee's love to have puttu, but there are still some exceptions. I've heard some people mispronouncing it as "Pittu" don't get misled. It is exactly "Puttu".

There is another variety called as "chakka puttu", grated jackfruit is added into the mixture and steamed, which gives you a sweet taste. "Puttu" and "pazham" (plantain) is a common combination, also some people have it with milk. Anyone planning to visit Kerala, should definitely try out "puttu", just ask the restaurant people to prepare it for you. If you ask in advance they would love to make it for you..And if you want to make a 1000 varieties of puttu, don't be could easily do it. It is the combination of the mixture that make different.

Kerala Breakfast is Always Exciting - A Must When You Visit Kerala

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