Roasted Chicken - Dry Rub Ideas

Roasted chicken can be used for a tasty meal. You can read more about it and ideas for dry rub in this article. Using this mixture is a method of adding more flavor to the roasted chicken. There are other methods adding flavor, such as using a brine with particular ingredients, stuffing the chicken, or using mixtures that contain liquid. Dry rubs, on the other hand, only contain items such as dried spices. Below are some suggestions for ingredients that can be used in such a flavoring.

Thyme - Used in many different recipes, thyme is also a source of iron. It is commonly added in recipes for meat and soup. While it can be bought either dried or fresh, the dry version is used for this mixture.

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Rosemary - Dried rosemary leaves can also be used. Rosemary is particularly rich in vitamin B6, calcium, and iron.

Oregano - Another spice that can be used in roasted chicken dry rub, oregano is particularly common in cuisines such as Greek and Italian. Its intensity can vary based upon some factors, including climate and season. In general, its taste is slightly bitter.

Paprika - Made by grinding peppers such as bell or chili, paprika can add a flavor in the range of mild to hot. Hungary is a major source of paprika, where various kinds are produced.

Once a dry rub has been made, it can be put underneath the skin of the chicken, as well as inside the cavity, before the roasting starts.

Roasted Chicken - Dry Rub Ideas

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